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Python Senior Developer

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Avigna is hiring Senior Python Developer

Our IT Delivery Center aims to build strong and sustainable solutions for customers across Europe. We are looking for Python Developer to join the team to build, support and drive customer innovations, bringing efficiency to the processes through efficient management of cost and schedule.

In alignment with Avigna’s values, we are committed to providing an inclusive work environment for all employees to positively impact our culture every day.

Experience: 6+ years

Location: Stockholm

Mode of work: Remote

Duration: 11 months

Candidate should be able to design, develop, and maintain robust software solutions using Python.

Candidate should have proven experience as a Senior Software Engineer, with a strong background in Python development.

Candidate should be a Kubernetes expert, ensuring the seamless deployment and scaling of our Kafka Streaming solution.

Candidate should be able to leverage your Kafka knowledge to architect and maintain high-throughput data streaming systems.

Candidate should be extensive expertise in Kubernetes, including hands-on experience with container orchestration, scaling, and management.

Extra points for experience with Kafka, stream processing, and real-time data pipelines.

Candidate should collaborate with cross-functional teams to build and optimize data pipelines, analytics platforms, and machine learning models.

What we offer:

  • Access to a strong developer community within the company to learn and grow.
  • Competitive Salary, Good work-life balance along with health and life insurance.

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