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Embedded Software Developer



Why should you want this job?

Because you love to develop products and services together with companies that are changing the world as we know it. For you, Embedded development isn´t just writing some code in C++. For you, it is to use the right technology to build a product, to solve problems together with your team. Your curiosity thrives to find a new way with your cross-functional team to create the best solutions in the market!

Build a career that you can be proud of

As a consultant, your path can be straight or with some curves to find your expertise in the field of embedded development. Depending on where you are in your journey, we are here to support you to create a career you can be proud of! Your assignment might be in creating sensors, building new cloud solutions, create safe data storage for the MedTech industry, or building autonomous vehicles. But exactly what you will be creating together with your team, we can´t say until you are a part of Knightec. And we would say that that's the thrill of being in charge and proud of your own development!

These are the skills you need to bring

Your mindset is that you are solving problems through developing services or products, not just writing some code.You have at least a Bachelors Degree from university and are familiar with working in modern software development for example:

  • Five years experience from coding in C / C++ / Python
  • Experience in Linux / Unix
  • Experience in Product development and
  • Experience from working with different microprocessors, communication protocols, and troubleshooting hardware and
  • Fluent in Swedish or English

One Knightec

Knightec is a new breed in the art of engineering with over 750 colleagues in ten locations around Sweden. We are consultants with our soul in digitalization who strive forward together.

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